A project cannot proceed without consistent monitoring and a role of a project manager is very significant in managing a project in its every aspect. A project manager is an overall in-charge of a project and a leader of project team who carries a big responsibility on his shoulders since initiation of a project till its delivery. His role in crucial at every stage – initiation, planning, execution, controlling and monitoring, and delivering the project. To discharge his responsibilities, he is empowered to take decisions about the project under his jurisdiction. If he can get credit for the successful completion of a project, the responsibility of project failure is faced by him. Thus, his role is massive and comprehensive to shape a project and to fulfil its performance.
Project manager and his real role

Being a team leader, he has comprehensive role for absolute performance because his responsibility is so big that he can’t escape from it. There was time when there was no tool to share this responsibility, but now project management software is available to share his most tasks, making his job easy and his role more enhancing to manage one or more projects by saving his time on computing various tasks. The crucial stages of a project – planning and execution are two main time-consuming tasks which required most time and focus of a project manager in the past, but project management tools have made easy for the project manager to plan and execute project more effectively without much efforts and with reduced errors. There are CPM, PERT, and Gantt Charts to facilitate him and task management software to facilitate him in task scheduling. These tools have made big changes in his working style.
Project management made simple

Project management has been made simple and easy for project managers by IT project management that has provided technology-driven tools to project managers making their job simple and enhancing the significance of their role through more effective performance.

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