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Some information about top dub step artists:
Skrillex is an American EDM manufacturer. He is popular dubstep. He is a lead vocalist and a group part of port U (Disk jockey) from very first to last. On the BB200 their album is actually debuted with 4. Around the chart zedd will be the highest first appearance for an EDM record. He is very popular for these brands such as Brain, Kill Every person, Nice Sprites, Where you are now and Scary Creatures.

The real title of deadmau5 is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He is the Canadian Disk jockey Producer. He is also a webmaster and produces a large number of electronic audio like dubstep and also electro. He's also famous for revolutionary work for progressive home and electronica house. He could be very popular with regard to dub step. All people love him most.
The real name of Bassnectar is Lorin Ashton. He is an electric producer. He could be famous in Santa Jones and Los angeles. He is renowned for trap and dubstep. He used elements of drum and bass, downtempo, and ambient. Well-liked track of Bassnectar will be "Chasing Heaven", the hefty but cooled "Butterfly" and the haunting "Underwater".
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