Success of any project is based on its performance within the stipulated time schedule for which this is necessary that all tasks in the project are performed within a given time schedule. The delay in execution of one particular task may sometimes cause delay in execution of another task. However, some task can be performed independent to each other, but project managers have to plan their performance schedule accordingly. Task management software is usually helpful for project managers to plan various tasks under the project. But there are other aspects in every project that require focus of the project manager for which a complete project management software is required that should be able to manage the project as a whole.

How to schedule task under a project
Task scheduling is very important to ensure that a project is completed within a deadline and various project management tools are used for this purpose. Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM) are two very useful tools that help project mangers in scheduling various tasks according to their start and completion time in relation to each other. PERT and CPM charts are used interchangeably in different projects for identifying and controlling the different tasks to complete the project in time but the difference lies in computing time in both the methods. The purpose of using these tools is to determine the parallel tasks that can be performed concurrently without wait for completion of one task.

Advantages of using PERT & CPM tools
Use of PERT & CPM charts have many advantages in saving wait time on completion of one task to initiate the other task which helps in avoiding repetitive planning and creating ease in the planning process. The provides opportunity to project managers to schedule activities in a better way and reduction in project completion time, sometimes before the timeline fixed for completion.