Coming to the fact that there is always one or more activity that happens to be loved by all. The activity may be some sporting one, or it may be related to academics or even some other niche of performance. The hobbies sometimes get converted into passion for the particular activity, which is highly time consuming at some points of time for the person concerned. Representation of the activity at some considerable level becomes the dire desire of the person. However, it is the skillet which does not allow every person to follow his dream. And when it comes to cricketing action, there is always a scope of rejection from the side of administrators because the possession of such rare skills is a rare case. But there is no reason for the lovers to be depressed about because match predictions are always interesting factors for people to consider. Who will win today match remains a factor that attracts brain of every person. The uncertainty of the game leaves no space for boredom to come around and play spoilsport for on the part of the viewer. The predictions about matches create more interest for viewers. The viewers are always interested in match predictions because the play create more passion even when a single ball is bowled, and a run or boundary is scored on the same. Creation of mess and pleasure is always felt with a single ball and the runs. Therefore, cricketing minds are not only meant to play cricket, but they can also indulge in activities that are their passion as well. Thus all gentlemen enter the era of cricket, either directly or indirectly.