It’s said that with the Raids 2 dev blog released, the price of Ranger gloves OSRS has begun to soar too quickly for it’s required to make Vampyrium vambraces -a reward from Lady Verzik. Actually someone suspects that a Jagex employee has revealed this before. You can buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from us.

OSRS Ranger Gloves price
Here you can see the price and traded amount of Ranger gloves in the past month, and they all obviously rise rapidly recently. That’s because in the latest dev blog of Raids 2, it’s revealed that in order to get the Vampyrium vambraces you have to combine broken Vampyrium vambraces (a possible reward from Lady Verzik) with Ranger gloves.

What is more, a player says that on Feb 25 someone began to buy the gloves at the inflated price of 2000k. Then its daily volume dropped massively and never recovered. He guesses perhaps a Jagex employee or someone who got the message before was manipulating the price of the gloves.
Anyway, right now you have to spend a lot more if you really need to buy the Ranger gloves.

Vampyrium vambraces details
Vampyrium VambracesVampyrium vambraces will be a new tradeable Ranged hand slot item, and you are required 75 Ranged and Defence to equip them. Additionally, because of its old age, when first obtained they need repairing by combining them with a pair of Ranger gloves.
However, some players don’t think it’s a good idea to require Ranger gloves for Vampyrium vambraces, just because the gloves are rare rewards from elite clue scrolls. And there are not too many in game.

What do you think of it? Let’s see whether Vampyrium vambraces will be voted through later and buy RuneScape 2007 gold For Sale on our site.

The RSGoldOnline Team