et's pair some cheeses. As well as in the custom of your match remaining bigger in comparison to the sum of its parts, I feel you will indulge in these mixtures. * Clean goat and sheep cheeses (Prairie Fruits Farm, Feta, Capriole): figs (contemporary,dried or stewed), honey, refreshing peaches, plums. Although clean goat cheese contains a slight citrus zest taste profile, we don't encourage taking in citrus fruit with it. Very good with peppery or tart greens like arugula or dandelion. * Soft-ripened/ash goat cheese (Bucheron, Sofia, Humbolt Fog) do clearly with honey, figs and nuts like toasted walnuts or toasted almonds. Some light-weight fruit jam like strawberry or blueberry can incorporate with the Citrus Feta Cheese Risotto with Spinach