During our school days we were usually taught a couple of languages to improve our communication skills. In some schools according to the course pattern even an extra language was taught. These languages often included our native language, the globally used language and an optional one. But as the time has progressed the most important languages that exist in the world have become something that humans can’t even speak to one another. The languages that are the most necessary in today’s time are the languages that are understood by a computer system or any such device. It is only because of advanced computer languages and constant upgradation that the world has progressed so much. All the software, applications that we run on our devices were once coded by a mobile app developer singapore based company or any other Asian country at the most.

Running a program on your device is something that you consider very easy as you just have to click a button but the mobile app development Singapore and other tech based countries around the globe do are majorly focused upon the computer languages. Even the simple program of pentest Singapore based companies make are the result of using the various computer communication based languages. Now there are many computer languages and almost every one of them have a different use. Here is a short attempt to explain all that they are capable of doing.

Now HTML is a coding language that is used to make HTML documents or in very vague manner web pages. Actually when you use JAVA and JavaScript you can actually make a web page that is functional and of good quality. Other languages such C, C++, Python and ruby play a much bigger role in making a lot of tech and software that you use daily.