Body massage is frequently advertised in media and you come across many advertisements in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, and other advertising media such as emails and text messages for body massage services. The marketers offer discounts for booking of more than of sessions. Why you go for body massage? Do these massage parlors really serve your purpose? You need critical thinking before you choose a parlor for your body massage. Do you know that massage is a kind of therapy which has a healing power of touch? Yes, we call it a Massage Therapy which is useful for your total physical and mental relaxation.
Controversial Role of Massage Therapy centers
The profession of therapeutic massage gained utmost popularity during past few years. Everybody understands healing power of therapeutic massage and its popularity was apparent. But somebody has not noticed the hidden reason behind its popularity. Erotic massage may be seeming to be surprising to you, but this a naked truth. Most people are fond of Asian massage and are visiting Thailand, Pattaya, and Hongkong that are hub of erotic massage centers. Massage Therapy is losing its charm under the blanket of erotic massage. Swedish massage which is a type of therapeutic massage is being used for erotic massage by many massage parlors to flourish their business and massage therapists are earning extra income from erotic or sensual massage. The trend of massage by opposite sex therapist has become more popular in the recent scenario. Males like to be massaged by female therapist and vice versa. Unfortunately, Massage Therapy has transformed into erotic therapy for sex pleasure.
The therapy that doesn’t work
When the purpose of therapeutic massage is not fulfilled, there is a waste of money. Erotic massage has no focus on therapeutic goals, but on the pleasure of sex with the opposite sex. Therapeutic massage centers should understand their influential role and maintain dignity of their profession.