Most individual or businesses make use of directories to increase visibility online which is also considered as the best market strategy. Increases traffic to your website and noticed by the search engine take a lot of effort and time. Links play the most important role to determine the ranking position of your website. Using backlinks or inbound links in quality and quantity can easily influence your rank position immensely. Online web directories exist for the purpose to provide the link to every web users on various sites, and this work is done by directory submission which is the most important thing that no website owner could ignore.

Directory submission is the best website optimization strategy that is necessary for the site users to use. But the question arises how directory submission works? When a website owner submits the website to a directory, the major benefit lies is the human editor. Submission will get viewed only by the actual person who decides how unique and relevant your website is. Now after passing the editing and scrutiny, the website will get accepted in the web directories, which eventually increases the credibility of the website. Hence, the search engine will accept or consider only those links that are submitted to the directories. But before you submit your website to the directories, there are certain things you need to follow:

• Title
• Description
• Keywords
• Category
• Url or domain
• Site content
Everyday web directories get plenty of directory submission, and this is the only reason for the editor for the rejection of their site. Therefore it is very much important to be careful and stick to the guideline. Make sure you follow all the guidelines, this will also save your effort and time which is involved in submitting to every SEO directories. Thus, it becomes clear that you must follow the guidelines mentioned above in this article.