Kerala as a State is one of the most elite and rich states Of India, be it the literacy rate, gender ratio or backwaters. It is well known for all the mentioned things. Kerala is India’s first lottery state, they have banned all the private lottery firms and the lottery is organized by the state government in Kerala. There are many lottery schemes in Kerala introduced recently. Everyday there is a lottery contest is conducted in Kerala state and on a dailybasis, people get rich by lottery in Kerala. You can know about who wins a day’s lottery by just searching on Google about the result of kerala lottery today and you will get to know who won and how much amount of money did he won.
How Is Lottery In Kerala Conducted
As mentioned above by banning all the private lotteries schemes Kerala state has started their own Lottery schemes and it is conducted by the government of Kerala only and there are many different schemes introduced in the lottery by the conducting body. People in Kerala are also taking part in Lottery very nicely and trying their luck in that.
District-Based Lottery Schemes
In Kerala, they conduct lottery differently in every different lottery which means every other district will have a separate lottery and lottery schemes where the people of the district can try their luck and try to win some amount of money through those lottery schemes. Every day there many lottery winners in Kerala where they win from thousands to millions of rupees and there are many websites running who uploads kerala lottery today results on daily basis.
By introducing lottery schemes in Kerala the government has done a great job of giving people a way of earning some good amount of money.