When you were into scuba diving, you’d be perfectly aware of dive watches. These kinds of are the watches that are designed specifically for underwater use and are a must-have for a scuba diver. The characteristics these watches might have usually scuba diving differ depending on the tends to make and models you choose for but any reliable watch must comply with the ISO 6425 specifications. Let’s take a look at some frequent features these kinds of watches have.
The watch case used in these watches seems to be tougher as compared to typical sports watches because it has to withstand extreme pressure as well as corrosiveness of the seawater. The cases of divers watch are generally made of materials, which encompass this kind of qualities. A few common materials include ceramics, metal steel, synthetic resins, plastics and titanium. Moreover, it’s important to have a watch whose situation can protect everything inside towards magnetic influences and bumps.

All the analog watches available today tend to possess rotating bezel or controller for passed time. This frame is responsible for showing you the time passed during your dive. For using it, you have to turn the bezel until the zero gets aligned with the minute hand of the watch. Once aligned, you may note down the moment elapsed as your dive moves along.
Any good watch designed for a scuba dive features polyurethane, plastic rubber, metal or plastic strap necklace which is long enough that you can wear it over the bulky sleeve of your wetsuit.
The most sensitive area of a divers watch is the crown as it can easily flood very easily and there isn’t any device for it to be water resistant. You possess to screw in most of the crowns while diving and then unscrew all of them for adjusting the time, date or other settings.

These are a few of the common features that these divers watches will often have. Visit a dive shop and buy one for you today.

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