Many different methods are used for penis enlargement. While some of these methods are quite effective and beneficial, using a Penis Extender is not one of them. Many people think that because penis extender affects the external side of a penis, it’s not harmful. Obviously, that’s not true.
Penis enlargement devices are extremely harmful to a penis than any other penis enlargement methods. But they were not invented to become a failure; External penile enlargement devices are effective when used at the right time following the proper steps and rules. Let’s get to know about this in detail.

Who Should Use Penis Extenders?
• People that can use these penis enlargement devices without expecting any harmful side effects are the ones who have their doctor’s approval for it.
• The penile extender is not harmful to the ones who regularly go to the gym or engage in some kind of exercise. It’s practical and safe this way.
• People who belong to a family that breeds healthy and large penises. If that’s the case, then it’s safe to use a penis enlargement device because your penis is genetically destined to be big. Still, consulting a doctor before doing it will be more than helpful.
Why Is It Harmful?

• Using it without consulting with penis enlargement experts is neither good nor healthy. You could end up damaging your penis permanently.
• Most people buy these extenders online. That’s a wrong choice because there is no right brand with these things.
• Consult with a doctor and if the doctor is okay with you using an extender, then ask the doctor to recommend one. If you choose penile enlargement devices for yourself, you could end up with many side effects.
• Use of Penis enlargement devices comes with side effects like a skin infection, permanent erectile dysfunction, weak sperm, etc.
• Avoid using a penis extenders at all costs. Find a more suitable and safe method for penis enlargement.