The ethers are rewarded to the miners totally on a random basis. The result of profit made by any miner completely requires the luck factor and also the computing ability of the user. There is a pool generally famous by the name miningpoolhub where a person can perform ZCash mining. Other mining such as Ethereum mining can also be done but for that, a person first needs to download the required software for that particular mining.

Normally the main aim behind mining single-handedly in one’s own computer is learning about the tricks and tips of mining. These types of people involved in solo mining are basically trying to make a profit and gain knowledge about massive cooling. These people are advised to buy or create mining machines specifically dedicated to mining.

Monero has gained popularity as it is a cryptocurrency that uses Cryptonote algorithm for providing privacy to its users. Normally the transactions involved in a Bitcoin are visible to all starting from a person’s address to the money he or she is sending as well as the address of the receiving person. There are options available where a person willing to can even view the number of Bitcoins presents in one’s wallet. The situation gets even worse as the source of the funds of the Bitcoin as well as where it is being sent is also visible. This is where Monero mining has found its application. It helps its user to keep all these factors a secret. The users in monero are not mandated to show any such factors as the information about the sender or any data regarding the amount being sent or received or any other information.

Moreover, Monero is much cost effective as compared to Bitcoin and any other similar kind of currency. Thus it has attracted many users towards it in very less time.