The often comes across challenges because of being an overseas investor. They at times find it difficult to get in touch with their team and maintain a powerful connection with their partners present overseas. This challenge has however subsided a lot in recent days. With the advancement of technology, the facility of video calling is now available on the mobile phones at any point in time. People have thus started taking this facility for granted. There are many apps some of which are the first party while others are the third party but the basic functionality are the same. Apple’s Face Time and Skype are two prominent examples of these two types of apps respectively. These apps, however, have limited coverage for the business. This is where the Zoom comes to the rescue of the businesses by addressing all those limitations set by other apps. Zoom app has several other functionalities other than solving the problem of limitations.

There are videos available online that describes the functionalities of the Zoom app. The services the Zoom app provides are listed below
· Online Meetings
· Meetings
· Webinars
· Training
· Technical Support
· Video participants of nearly 100 in number can get engaged with an unlimited audience in live virtual events
· Business Instant Messaging
· H.323/SIP Connector
· Zoom Rooms
· Cross-Platform File Sharing and Messaging
· Build Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms
· Empower Your Apps With Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing
· Sharing
· Developer Platform
· Bring H.323/SIP Video Systems to the Cloud

Some of the functionalities described in the above list are applicable to large sized business property network solutions and thus do not cover the medium and small size investment in property business. thus focuses on the facility of video conferencing offered by Zoom app. This particular functionality is what makes Zoom so popular. This is the reason many people prefer using this app.

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