Backgammon belongs to a class of table games, a board and dice game that is being played for last more than 5000 years by kings and emperors. The game had not been so popular in the past when chess was more dominating compared to this game, although both have lot of similarities except that players’ decisions are more relevant in chess game and this game is influenced by rolling of dice. But this is not everything for your win. You also apply strategies to make dominating move in this game.

How can you play backgammon online?
Backgammon online is the internet version of traditional game that allows people to play this game in most convenient manner. The important thing is how you play this game online. As a player of this game, you should understand three important things – game goal, game process, and game constraints. The prime goal of a player in this game is to move chips off the board prior to your opponent applying whatever tactics you can possibly do. The game process is simple and a player rolls two dice by the computer and accordingly moves his chips on the board in anti-clockwise direction. Once possible moves are complete, a player clicks the “submit” button. Same pattern is followed by the other player. The players have to follow the game rules and these rules also prescribe certain constraints that must also be followed by the players. The player cannot bear off chips when they are not in the home board. Backgammon strategies play great role to bear off all chips before the opponent.

Essentials of backgammon play
It is always recommended to refer backgammon online guide to get best result of your play. The guide helps you to get conversant with opening moves, move responses, game tips and strategies, and game terminology. If you understand all these aspects, backgammon online will be much easier to play.