Poker is a game of cards which combines money, strategy and skill. It can feature two players playing on table and can include as many players as required. Poker games have gained so much popularity worldwide that it has gone beyond a recreational activity between small groups of people to internet. Online poker is the game played over the internet. There are wide range of different online poker sites like poker qq indonesia which provides different variations in games.
• Differences of Online poker when compared with live poker
The rules of online poker are similar to that live poker where you are playing game with a person in room against an unknown person in internet. Online poker is faster when compared to live poker. It usually comes with less risk when less amount of money is involved.
• How to start playing Online poker games

Getting started with online poker games as poker qq online is easy. User can download the software available on different platforms. The player must be having a Wi-Fi or cell phone signal. User might be required to create a username and password. He might have to make an initial investment with which he can enter into the poker rooms.
Benefits of playing Online poker games

• One of the greatest advantage in playing online poker games is you can play wherever and whenever you want. With growth of technology you can play online poker anywhere with an internet connection.

• You don’t have to control your emotions while playing which is an added advantage for the beginner’s.

• Rather than waiting to get a seat in live poker until there is an open seat, online poker sites as situs poker online provides you with a vacant seat as soon as you join.
As it is easy to access the online poker gaming facility like domino poker online have inspired many players to join.