When you think of buying a wheelchair for your aged parents, you might have many questions in your mind. What is the right type of wheelchair? What should be the specifications? What should be the price? Where to buy it? The main issue is how to choose a wheelchair for elderly. You don’t have to be confused so much to take your decision.

Comfortable wheelchair for elderly
Comfort is the foremost aspect that you should emphasize while you select right type of wheelchair for elderly person. Light weight wheelchair is the best option, if you’re not going to buy a power-propelled wheelchair. Lightweight design is especially made with two small wheels up front and two large wheels in the rear for easy propulsion by elderly people so that they are able to move it by themselves, if someone is not available to push the wheelchair. Light weight wheelchair is usually half- foldable for easy transportation in the vehicle when not in use. The seat of lightweight wheelchair is well-cushioned with light weight material and properly fitted for comfort of moving around for long hours. It may be taken as a modified version of the walker elderly people often use for their movement.

Lightweight wheelchairs are the best
Wheelchairs that are light in weight are considered as the best wheelchairs for elderly people’s use because they have diminished body strength and flexibility to manage and to balance the heavy version. Light version is the best from the perspective of their safety. When an elderly person is an overweight, it is easy to propel light wheelchair by some friend or family member also.

Lightweight is manageable
Lightweight wheelchair is manageable not only manually but financially also. The price of lightweight type variants is usually much lower compared to heavy version variants. However, extra features may result in additional price but this is an optional thing and depends what model you intend to buy.