Bitcoin is the network of peer-to-peer which is not under centralization. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency. There are also cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin which are shown below.
Dash - It is originally known as Darkcoin and it is a secretive version of bitcoin. It offers the untraceable transaction. Dash has launched in the year of 2014. Dash cloud mining software is similar to the bitcoin software. If people want to know about dash cloud mining they can visit the website related to mining and can learn more about it.

Zcash - This is the open source cryptocurrency which launched in the year of 2016. And it looks like promising. It has the best feature compare to all cryptocurrency because it offers the best and selective transparency of transaction and privacy too. Everything will be private such as remain amount, sender, receipt etc. It also offers to it using the choice of shielder transaction.
Monero - Monero also was known as XMR, and monero is a safe, secure, private and untraceable currency. Monero cloud mining services are available at affordable price. Monero cryptocurrency is an open source cryptocurrency which launched in April 2014. This cryptocurrency is based on donation and community driven.
Ethereum - This the decentralized software which launched in the year of 2015. It also enables the smart contracts and distributed application. This built mainly to run them without any fraud, interface and downtime. Ethereum cloud mining offers the best and reputable cryptocurrency. It launched the pre-sale in 2014.

Litecoin - It is launched in 2011. Initially, it was following the bitcoin and after that, it refers as silver to bitcoin gold. Litecoin has created by Charlie Lee, who is a former Google engineer.
These are few other cryptocurrencies. Hope you find your best cryptocurrency. For more information and to gather the knowledge you can go to many websites and then make the decision as cryptocurrency business are always risky.

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