Bitcoin popularity is tremendous because people deem it as secret way to make transactions. Some contend that criminals and hackers need to be anonymous by use of cryptocurrency or bitcoin, but this obviously is not true. You may need it for making a big transaction. It may not be wise to reveal your bank records to everyone and whatever the purpose may be, the privacy may be your prime concern. Bitcoin has pseudonymous nature and it is recommended to avoid use of multiple addresses to protect your secrecy. This may not be sufficient for privacy because the hackers have enough expertise to trace used services, to track origin and destination of transactions, and transaction pattern. But solution is there.

What’s the solution?
Mixing is the best solution to this issue. You can, at least, get privacy to a certain extent by mixing your bitcoins in the pool or reserve created by already received bitcoins or getting it from other users. You can use any centralized coin mixing service or any other mixing service to ensure anonymity of your bitcoin transaction. Many available optionsfor bitcoin tumbling are also available for this purpose.

Mixing has benefits
To create bitcoin mixer of your bitcoins with that of other users’ bitcoins has multiple advantages apart from anonymity. Let’s discuss these advantages.

• Mixing doesn’t use same address repeatedly and risk of identity revelation is eliminated or reduced.

• Data is automatically deleted once transaction is finished avoiding storage on the pool server.

• Unique code prevents transaction tracking on the pool server.

• Centralized service ensures confidentiality of data at every level.

• Downloadable letter of guarantee for every transaction provides a proof of using this service.

• Mixing is allowed for any transaction from a smaller unit which is 0.01 for bitcoin to big amount within the specified limit.

• Mixing is a bitcoin investment also as service provider shares a portion profit of its earnings with users.