The human form has seriously undergone evolution since the times when apes were the ancestors of human race. Undergoing so many changes took time great enough for the humans to suffer and face any foreign intrusion. Fighting it back and defeating the intrusion requires so many changes, and it is true that humans did suffer a lot, but they changed their own patterns of living and adopted to new lifestyles to come up with successful control over all other components of the planet.

But at present the foreign intrusions are so much powerful and effective that no easy evolution technique could help them come up with successful results. Therefore, the simple solution has been obtained in the form of cannabutter that is home cooked infused butter prepared with the help of some cannabis weed and regular butter. A simmer heat source and 45 minutes of cooking can turn a regular butter into cannabutter that is treatment for all sorts of human disease. A natural herb can serve everything naturally and therefore there are no other side effects except the feel of smoothness that in some cases is a beneficial trait obtained from the intake of the butter.

The cases where the cannabis prepared cannabutter is effective involve where people suffer from chronic body aches and joint pains. The pains in the bones, muscles and joints are much easily cured when cannabis is used besides the drugs prescribed by the doctors. The nature prescribed drug is however much more effective and therefore despite of using the doctor’s drugs, these must be consumed regularly to eliminate any chances of trouble for the human body.