Due to the reality that their Internal revenue service are trained to be truthful and fair in business dealing , Qnet has built reputation over the a long time when it arrives to doing business with all sorts of people in all countries that they are. The lack of regulations that support direct selling in some nations makes Qnet get damage by some kind of organizations. The quet company is currently advocating that governments all over the world should enforce laws and regulation that will help people do business in an environment that supports transparency.

It is generally known fact that football is highly backed by a great number of people all over the world, there seem to be a continuous increase in the number of fans all over the world. Football is a kind of sport that gets one anxious and expectant for a very long period over the years. It is recognized as the sport that is mostly watched, due to the reality that some people make it their religion and their way of life. It is no news that people wear the tops and sportswear of their club almost everywhere they go, some even need for customized products.
In This year, a great move was carried out by Qnet, by them making a huge move into football. This shift has been recorded as historic as it has introduced a lot of enhancements to the company. Manchester city has Qnet as their direct selling or product sales partner officially. Their particular role is to end up being the highest profile sport bring in in history.

Due to the reality that in that same year, Manchester city happens to be the champion of the English Premiership League, this gave a great boost to the company, as the primary values that these people stood for has been perfectly proven to the world, by means of the teamwork between the players. With this, they will showed it to the planet that there has to be commitment from customers, if without a doubt their aim is financial flexibility that they desire.

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