You cannot afford to take any chances if you are out in the wild. You need to need to be precise. Just a little mistake could mean life or death. For this reason you need to be well equipped. You need only the best gear. Apart from the best waterproof backpack, you'll also need a great Ferro rod. There are small things that you can do to check if your Ferro rod is actually authentic. Here are some guidelines to help you test the quality of the Ferro rod.
First of all, you need to check if the actual best ferro rod can actually light a fire. Check the rod with wet and dry supplies.

See how properly it can gentle a fire beneath wet conditions too. May possibly not be dried up all the time outside in the wild. You might use any materials that is combustible to perform this kind of test.
You should check just how long the fire may last before that burn out. A good firelighter should be able to maintain a fire for approximately two min's before that burns out there. This way, you'll know how much time you have to obtain extra supplies for the fire. Do not forget to go with the best bushcraft axe to cut down wood or even the fire.

You'll also need to examine how easy it is to work with the Ferro rod. This is very important because several rods have to be handled through an expert. It could be unpleasant when you get to the crazy before you find that you do not learn how to use your fireplace lighter. This could mean no fire. No fire signifies no foods and heat. You should also remember to place your rod in the best waterproof backpack to keep it dried up always.

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