A person has come to the surface of the earth to answer the needs of his own calls. The person must become able to support his own self so that no dependence on others can be felt by him. Therefore, a routine of 9 – 6 within the total of 24 hours of a single day makes it highly strict for a person to spare time for himself.

After the satisfaction of own basic needs, the responsibility to answer to the stakes of other people too in the lives make it highly tough for the person again to realize their shall be a little bit of time for himself too. But the birthdays are the days when a person feels nothing to feel sorry about and feels no responsibility regarding any person in particular. However, the birthdays are even remembered to the birthday boys with the help of birthday gifs sent by his or her friends. When the person takes a look at his social media accounts full of happybirthday gifs and fins out that his or her birthday is approaching, the he realizes that the day of freedom from personal obligations is near.

The moments of joy then come into the life again that once again demarcates the difference as to what shall be done and what shall not be for the resolutions are made. The birthday gif are thus the omen of good days coming in the near future where good luck can be earned once more, and the life moments can be cherished. Thus, the people celebrate their birthdays with their friends to mark another day of their self-satisfactions out of their life decisions.