Do you know what does coprophaghia mean? It is a most common dog conduct wherein, they eat cat poop. Without the aid of a dog proof litter box you will never be able to evade your dog from making it's way to your cat’s litter box. First, speak to your veterinarian relating to this behaviour of your dog. There are number of reasons why your own dog may engage itself in helping itself in the cat’s litter box. It could be a few nutritional issues going on, compulsive behaviour or perhaps boredom. However, you have go ahead and to make sure you discourage your dog coming from access to your own cat’s litter box. The one and only positive solution is always to get best self-cleaning litter box.

This litter box will save you all of the trouble you would have to undergo with cleaning as with a conventional litter box. You will no longer need to do the wasting of the litter oneself. This digitally self-cleaning automatic litter box will certainly remove the cat’s poop right after it minimizes itself before your dog even gets a whiff than it.
Have you read cat genie reviews you will get flawlessly informed concerning the most convenient mode of coping with cat poop in the role of a super hurdle for your dog to get at it? If you have purchased best self-cleaning litter box you will be able to leave the cats on your own at home,

if you need to spend an evening away. The automated dog proof litter box can accommodate more than one cat instead of a litter box for each feline. The cat’s waste aroma can deter you when you have cats at home. Nevertheless, the automatic best self-cleaning litter box might serve as a ideal addition to assist in preventing and reduce the particular odour. It is because the poop is cleaned out right away and also the carbon filter systems have deodorising real estate agents. Thus, obtaining this completely designed dog proof litter box is the only and also best solution to steer clear of your dog searching into it and maintaining hygiene.