The era of internet revolution has made each and every field of the business to grow and develop like anything. The business operation of every firm have been expanded because the internet has helped them to reach a large section of the customers without having to reach them geographically. Also the customers do not have to reach the service provider in physical and easily avail the services that they do want at the earliest.

Therefore, the saps portals have also understood the modern business environment, and seem to have adopted the technical dimension of the business environment. The advent of internet technologies has helped the cause of the parents also who remain unaware of the progress made by their child in the academics. Often it is observed that the students hide their examination results sheet from their parents so that they shall not be scolded or punished for scoring low marks. Thus the easy way of escaping the wrath or concern of the parents is to just duplicate their signatures of their parents over the examination sheets and get on with it.

However, it is the presence of saps ibu bapa that has helped the cause of the parents who want their child to excel in his studies. When the parents want their child to focus on a particular subject after taking a look at his scoresheet, they can just log in to the saps ibubapa (saps parents) portal and fill in the necessary details to get the detailed report card of their wards. Therefore, it has helped the parents a lot to judge the performance made by their child, and after the performance is measured to evaluate the planning process for a better future of their wards.