The availability of live cricket streaming online has enabled people to appreciate the game in a more enriching manner. Earlier, when this form of viewing was not available, people were more dependent on television and radio for getting live updates of a match. As such, it could not attract more people as there was a need for an expensive television set to be available for watching a match. These days, there are a lot more digital devices including mobile phones available for practically everyone. Anyone can expect to log in to a match from a handheld device without any worry. This has helped the cause of the game to a large extent. Some other noteworthy points related to it are also mentioned here.
• More countries have started to play the game - During the last few years, more countries have started playing cricket. In fact, before the formal cricket world cup, there is another world cup that happens for the associate members so that whoever wins it books a place in the final world cup! Live cricket streaming online has particularly helped in taking the game to more countries so that interest has evinced in the sport. Countries that were not aware of the sport can now watch it online and experience the thrill that is associated with it. Likewise, they can also play and that is why there is more participation than ever.
• Sports authorities have taken a note of it for major events - As more people get to see a live cricket match online , it has also helped in increasing its popularity to a large extent. In fact, sports authorities have started taking a note of it so that cricket is being decided to be included in global sports extravaganzas, like the Asian Games and the Olympics. As a matter of fact, it has been included in some editions of these sporting events.
No doubt, live streaming of cricket has helped a lot in the evolution of the game and as more interest is evoked for the game, live streaming can only be a better option for times to come.