It is always astonishing when some customers whine to Adidas or Nike that their shoes are bad, only for it to be discovered that the shoes were never developed by Adidas or Nike, but by several fake manufacturers or makers. Some fraudulent individual produce shoes that look like Adidas bot or Nike bot and brand all of them like them. It takes the eyes of a customer that can tell what he would like before this individual or she can detect the kind of shoe they want to sell for him. This is very common in Africa, particularly some parts of Nigeria where fake products are sold, though this does not mean that presently there are no real shoes that come from Adidas or Nike in this portion of the world. Generally, one advantage that the store market has over purchasing online is the fact that one can feel what this individual or she wants to buy at that time, in contrast to just experiencing git online and sometimes end up getting deceived.

It is a make a difference of how smart one is and how trusted the trader or retailer is that will make one continue to purchase from him or her. It is very good to have people that are trusted and that have bought the type of bot shoes that one wants before one can go and buy for him or herself. For people that have all the time, online stores may not be adequate; they may need to go to retailers to you should themselves.

Several other group of individuals do not have got all the time to go to a retailer to buy what they require, these kinds of people can easily use the online stores of either Adidas or Nike to get what they want, as lengthy as the money is available. Thus, it is up to everyone to understand the category in which this individual or she belongs and act accordingly.

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