Some hair and beauty question many girls concern about
What age should a parent start letting their child dye their hair?
Many girls concerned this problem greatly.Some people said it is none of my -or anyone else's business. This is something that is between the kid and the parent ONLY. Some people thought it should at least 18 or 16. Because too early to dye the hair extensions would damage your remy virgin hair.In my opinion,it depends on the child and why they want their hair dyed.
Should a 13 year old wear makeup?
There's nothing to say that anyone 'should' wear makeup - it's all down to the individual.
I see absolutely no problem with a 13 year old wearing makeup because makeup doesn't have age restrictions, If you have acne or very uneven skin for example, of course you can,it depends on what you are and what you do,just a little is no matter.