Likes and followers are the most important attracting factor when using instagram social networking app. Here are some tips which will help to get more likes in instagram.
• Quality of pictures -
Always take and post high quality photos and video. Make some efforts while taking photos and videos. By the help of IG hoot you can get free likes on instagram. IG hoot is an instagram auto liker.

• Location tagging -
Tag location on your every post so in nearby areas, people can easily check your post and like too. Tag the local area location will help you to get more likes. Instagram auto like service can help you in this. It provides safe auto instagram likes because it is a social proof. It will show popular picture immediately.

• Tell story -
Tell the story behind the scene that happened. So people get more interest and obviously, they like your photos and posted videos. Then there is no need for instagram auto liker.

• Avoid boredom -
Some time users get bore by using filter photos on the instagram which looks good. But sometime it’s important to post your photo in reality form. Let people see you as how you are.

• Consciousness -
Upload photo at the correct time which means, when you are posting photo at occasion time then post that particular occasion photos only not anything else.

• Filter -
By using consistency filter option, it can help you to get more likes. Filter the photos and videos with consistency in color. Filter is an scheme based on the instagram. It is not definitely better than instagram auto like.

• Uniqueness -
When you post all photos and videos which have its own uniqueness and own twist, people will give more likes and will show interest on your posts.
• Link another platform -
When you link your instagram account with other platforms like facebook and twitter, it will help you to generate more likes.

• Funny post -
Most of the people like funny things which gives smile on face. So people can’t stop themselves by liking your post.

• Show your progress -
Show your progress to the people which may be about anything which includes cooking up new things, art, fitness etc. Post daily thoughts and progress regularly by updating everyday. Because that is how you can connect emotionally with people and will increase your chance of hitting likes.

• Go live -
As facebook, instagram also launched that platform where people can host, can do webinar, broadcast or any event with your daily life. It will help to engage with followers to ask questions which will be replayable directly by the follower.
• Stick on time -
Post your photos, video on regular basis to keep your followers engaged with you. Do just enough posting to engage with people. Avoid unnecessary topics.