It is now common to locate RFID technology in almost everything. This technology are available in passports, individuals licenses, inserted in cats and dogs, and in credit cards. However today, people have also identified an electronic form of pickpocketing called RFID going over. This is whereby people use RFID readers to steal information from credit cards inlayed with RFID chips. In order to protect such skimming, an RFID wallet is now used. RFID technology (radio frequency identification) is a technology that was created to offer convenience. However, the information carried on things equipped with RFID technology is always at risk of being ripped off through RFID skimming as noted previously mentioned.

Many items found in the wallet, such as passports and credit cards, use embedded RFID chips thus that they can transmit wireless information to a compatible audience and perform numerous functions like verifying identities and paying for purchases. However due to RFID skimming, it becomes important to protect data and this is why the use of an RFID blocking wallet is gaining popularity. While many people pick wallets based on materials and color, people are choosing purses based on the wallet's capabilities to block electromagnetic fields routed out from RFID scanners.

Right now there are many types of RFID wallets being sold only from as cheap as $10 to as expensive as $100. These wallets and handbags also come in different colors, sizes and materials. An RFID slim wallet is one most people consider because it can carry much more cards and does not bulge the back wallets. Women also have their very own RFID wallets, which come in unique dimensions. While many people may be skeptical about RFID wallets and handbags, it is important to ask them to just to stop the slight possibility that RFID scanner may scan or read their credit cards and steal crucial data.

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