Herpes is the sexually transmitted disease and it is very much commonly found in the current times. The problem with the disease is that it is very difficult to detect herpes. It is the sexually transmitted disease and there is also some kind of stigma which is certain and that mainly surrounds the STD. the stigma keeps the people away from getting tested for the disease. In the currenttimes it has become possible to home test herpes easily.

As per the experts it has been seen that the genital herpes is the one which affects almost one in 6 people and that also betweentheages of 14 to 49. Genital herpes is the sexuallytransmitted disease and that is mainly caused by the simplex type 1 and simplex type 2. Herpes is thedisease which can be transmitted through oral form, vaginal form or while having anal sex.
How it is transmitted?
It is transmitted when you come in contact through any of these forms with the person infected.The virus of herpes can bed etected with the at home herpes test. The viruses can cause the development of the sores and it also causes the fluids in the sores. The fluids carry the virusalong with them.

Contact with fluids
When there is contact with the fluids that can lead to theissue of infection and you can also contracts the herpes problemfrom the sexual contact which can bedone with thepartner who is not having any visible sores. It means that you would never be able to knowwhetheryour partner is suffering from herpes or not.
Home kits
The herpes testing home kits are available which can help you in knowingwhether you are suffering from herpes or not. The virus is released from skin and then it spreads the infection inside your body.